This winter, as the Sun enters Capricorn, mother nature slumbers. The Earth is barren. Mammals seek refuge for the winter months.

As animals are finding protection from the elements, you form a wall of protection around your vulnerable self. When the Sun moves into Aquarius, the air becomes electric, an air of austerity settled over the world. In the Capricorn area of your life, you project this atmosphere of austerity and demand respect for the art of survival.

Electrical energy is so potent now that touching certain objects shocks you; such is the Aquarian. Aquarian intuition strikes as if it is a lightning bolt of the season.

All of nature steps into a limbo state. Faith is essential for survival. When cycling through Pisces, you feel disoriented and maladjusted.

Winter is almost over; spring is almost here.

Just as Mother Nature is making a commitment to start anew, you must commit your life to some future fantasy or illusion. The expected patterns that have been set for you frustrate you entirely however you remain unable to open the gates of this future.

As ice crystallizes over the Earth’s surface, only you have the power to break through restraints that limit creativity. With the arrival of Sagittarius, the life energy is dispersed and the Autumn gradually changes to Winter. Some days are like Autumn, on other days the ground is covered by snow.

Knowledge is still inherently valuable to find these resources. Practice freedom and tolerance because the time for intensity has passed over. The hunter ventures out alone and is under nobody’s control.

This is the time of the hunter and the wanderer who travels far and wide seeking resources sustain life during dark winter. Embrace philosophical daydreams.

The shortest day, when the nights are longest indicates when the sun embraces Capricorn. This is Winter. It is the worst time in that the world is at its darkest, and it is also a rebirth. Nights shrink in light as this vibrant light awakens into the world.

This is a time to be practical about the resources that are available. Capricorn is practical in the early days of the year. But at this time, there is limited opportunities for optimism. There is only the reality of what material things on hand you own and visualize every day

During Aquarius the coldest days of the year limit external experience. It marks a time of deep thinking. Reflection is the sole purpose of existing with little to do outside. With spring is still far away, cherish your emotions and cherish, ponder, revisit until Spring.

In Winter and the nights become shorter and the days become longer. It is a valiantly malleable time. After the long grey winter Winter, bright Spring will arrive. Winter is the time for us to become inspired with thoughts of the new year.

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