About Ronn Sussberg

A Family Gift

Have you ever grown up thinking you’ve been touched with a special ability? You see people around you and think that maybe you see things just a little bit differently.  You speak with friends and strangers and have a way of interpreting information with just a bit more foresight than it seems that have. Then, you learn about your ancestors; the special attributes that have been passed down from relatives with their own unique lives and history.



Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

If you think about it this way, you understand how life has a habit of working in patterns. Vision is cyclical; Ronn Sussberg is not the first psychic medium in his family. He traces his gift back to his Great Aunt Clara.

Who is she? Clara was an immigrant from Germany. She came from Bavaria, the southern edge of Germany known for its beautiful fairy-tale landscapes and quintessentially German Oktoberfest festival. Right after the chaos and hardship of World War I, Clara moved to Hollywood in 1920.  She quickly settled into the glamorous town.  Among all this disorder, she discovered a powerful gift; the gift of sight.  She found her place as one of the most trusted psychics for those in the movie business. After Clara, the gift was inherited by Ronn’s aunt.



Finally, this gift was passed on to Ronn.

Making sure to live up to Aunt Clara’s reputation, Psychic Readings by Ronn has also had several well known celebrity clients. Among those Ronn has performed readings for are a supermodel, three academy award winnings actresses, and a country music star. There are many local celebrities of Michigan who consider Ronn the best!

Ronn’s talents have gained him a many loyal clients and have led to television and radio appearances, including the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.


Ronn Sussberg

Ronn’s abilities are an essential asset in the Michigan community. They guide a multitude of people, your friends and family, through decisions that shape the course all of our daily lives.  We are molded by the same cosmic destinies.  It is through the vision of psychics that we can enhance one another’s experiences.  Psychic Readings by Ronn is here to guide you.

Because Ronn is within the third generation of his family (and there may be many more before Clara) to be blessed with the gift of sight, he can nurture dynamic energy with everyone he meets.  Ronn is inspired by his Great Aunt’s and has thus worked with a variety of clients. In his forty-year career, he has worked with fashion models, country music stars, and several Academy Award winning actresses. For these readings, he is thankful for the inheritance of Clara’s gifts and the experience of working with turn-of-the-century Hollywood talent that he has bequeathed to him.

Ronn is also a favorite in his local community, working in communities ranging from Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Rochester, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Troy, and Sterling Heights.

Psychic Readings by Ronn has been featured on television and radio programs throughout the years, both local and national, aspiring to reach out to spiritual voices everywhere. Some of Ronn’s proudest accomplishments are his appearances on the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files, along with various invitations on CBS and PBS.  Ronn loves to share his gift and hopes you learn more from him soon.