Ronn Sussberg is proud of his forty years of experience connecting people with their past, present, and future. He summons a variety of fundamental psychic methods ranging from psychic channeling to tarot reading in order to help you find the answers you seek.



Call Ronn for a psychic reading at (248) 631-9322.

Psychic Readings by Ronn in Birmingham, MI offers a wealth of services to help you explore your past and get in touch with your future.  One of Ronn’s specialities is Angel Readings.  He can work with your Angel Guides to get advice for living a better life.  Ronn is also a psychic medium and can work with your departed relatives and loved ones to communicate with you.  Other abilities in Ronn’s repertoire are past life regression and psychometry. Psychometry is the act of discerning knowledge from objects. These connections are necessary ways to understand your present to get you working toward your future.

Ronn prides himself in being able to deliver specific and detailed answers to your questions.  He avoids generalities and vagueness offered by some other psychics.

He is available to perform readings in person in the Detroit Metro Area. He provides clairvoyant readings in person for localities such as the areas of Birmingham, Grosse Pointe, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Rochester, Troy, and even Sterling Heights.

So, why might you reach out to a psychic?

Some commonly asked questions from those seeking guidance: 

What would your ancestors say to you if they had one moment to speak with you?

Will I ever find true love?

Am I happy?

Making an appointment is your first step. If you can’t make a personal visit, Psychic Ronn is also available by phone. For appointment prices, please see

Ronn is also an expert on spiritual health and mystic culture.  He enjoys educating people about the benefits of practices such as daily meditation, mindfulness, and healing energy. There are things any ordinary person can due every day to nurture their relationship to cosmic energy. Follow Psychic Ronn for more details on your astrological sign, which is one way to connect with yourself and the world on a deeper level. He also loves sharing interesting facts about mystical moments and tales, and why they matter; such as why cherishing certain crystals can impact your life.

I was amazed and impressed as to how spot-on he was with the past, present and hopefully the future events in my life. Ronn put me at ease and made me feel like I was conversing with a long-time friend … I have an inner happiness today which I haven’t had for a very long time.

Ken G.

First time Client