Continuing from our last post, are you ready to control your body?

First you need to find your vision pose. Your vision pose is the pose that embodies how you want to feel. To find your vision pose, imagine how you want to feel in your body. Do you want more energy? Do you have to have more pep in your step? If you felt these feelings that you want to feel, how would you stand? Where would your shoulders be in relation to your head? Where would your weight be centered?

Try to adopt this posture throughout the day, while you’re exercising or whenever you need to remember how you want to feel. Your body will respond by matching your physiology to your bodies’ stance.

If you want to try an experiment, find a time when you don’t feel like your happiest self. If you are feeling bad, take a stroll while standing up tall and swinging your arms. The phrase, “fake it till you make it,” is actually true when it comes to finding happiness and confidence. Next time you’re out and about, remember to stand up tall!