Imagine you are a hermit crab. You have settled into a place that is sequestered, cozy and independently yours. But although you feel safe in your shell, you are slowly suffocating. Your body forces against the shell of your house, desperately squeezing for breath. You’re safe but you can’t escape. You crave to move out of your shell.  It’s time for a transformation.

Pressure is the theme for November. The feeling of being trapped in a container, expanding until you feel you are about to explode. You have been inundated with inspiration.  But you do not have enough room to expand.  We are inflated with honest intentions and a commitment to change.   Now we are coming to a point where the pressure of these desires will elevate our energy to the next level.

This new level is one of many dimensions that offers a vivid life experience, but it comes with its own anxieties. Leaving a place of security also brings stress and anxiety. Every time we are challenged to experience the astral world with higher intensity, we are fraught with stress about oncoming changes in our personal life.

Do you sense that something is ahead for you but you don’t quite know what it is? It is the perfect time to take advantage of the intense pressure of November to help you forge aheads, and continue making more steps toward change.

This is the perfect time for growth. You will doubt yourself, feel irrational, even blame loved ones for your frustration. But this struggle promises progress. Because it is the year of the Artisan, be prepared for opportunities in inventiveness, creativity, and personal growth.

It is an ideal time to take advantage of feelings of anxiety in the pursuit of creative transformation. However, be aware of that pressure is high this month. So, avoid activities that may increase pressure. Avoid hanging out with people who make you irritable. Disrupt traditional shackles of safe zones by going outside of your comfort zone, trying to go further toward personal evolution. Complete hands-on projects. Once you have finished one creative project, start immediately on a new one.