Many people believe that Gemstones have healing powers and energy.

For us to believe that the only planes in our existence for us to tap into are those that we can see and feel with the main senses, seems like an oxymoron in itself. We cannot see our breathe unless the cold surrounds us, yet it exists during the warmth. We do not tell our legs consciously to walk yet they carry us from place to place. Therefore, to say the energies that surround us are limited by certain boundaries makes no sense – we just need the correct harness to be able to tap into those energies and find what we need, and crave, to heel.

This harness can come in the power of gemstones, underutilized by the masses but a strong force to withhold. For some, the power of gemstones comes from within them. For other, it comes from the stone itself. And to others, they may believe it to be placebo affect entirely but either way, the energy can be felt and new things can be tapped into, explored, fixed, healed and renewed.

For the clairvoyant and the clairaudient, these stones can be used as tools to tap into these energies beyond what can be seen. Gemstones auras are not for simple cures such like a broken knee or a headache. If these things plague you, there is a bigger reason why, and those larger life energies are the aspects that gemstones can help heal. A broken knee could mean brittle bones and general lack of care for the body.

Next week, we’ll talk about how you can find the gemstone that can help you tap into the right energy for your particularly ailment.  Thanks for reading and check in next week for part two!