Gemini’s are well-known for being the most interesting zodiac sign of them all. They are versatile, great communicators, playful, and a strength to be reckoned with. Gemini’s are represented by the Twins, so people believe they have split personalities and mood swings. Since they are an air sign, it makes sense that they are unpredictable and change like the seasons. With the help of stones and crystals, Gemini’s can enhance their talents and work on their struggles. Let’s take a look at a few stones that can help Gemini energy throughout the year and, most notably, during the Gemini season. 



This blue-colored stone can help put the mind of a Gemini at ease while they are holding back fears. Aquamarine works with the heart and throat chakras to bring more love and communication to individuals. This stone is perfect for everyday jewelry and can help those who wear it navigate through an adventurous life.



Just like Gemini’s, Ametrine has a dual nature. This stone is blended with amethyst and citrine, which bring feminine and masculine energy to help balance out Geminis. This stone is connected to a few of the body’s chakras. The solar plexus boosts personal power, the crown chakra improves connections with higher consciousness, and the third eye helps activates wisdom and imagination. Ametrine is the best stone to help Gemini’s make changes in their lives while gaining wisdom.



For any Geminis looking for a good luck charm, citrine is a radiant stone that can bring positivity to your life. Citrine brings motivation and passionate energy to help you through the good and bad times. Wearing this stone as jewelry can help Geminis attract the right people into their lives and lead them into good situations.



To help Gemini’s that may be wearing themselves out, moonstone can bring a balance between the heart and the mind. It can help you tap into your soft side and deal with all of the emotions that come with that. Geminis can learn how to trust their gut and think for the better with the help of moonstone.



This stone can help guide Geminis that are looking to dive deeper into their intellectual side. Emerald is the perfect stone to improve cooperation and communication when it comes to significant group interactions. It also can boost your memory and clear your mind when it comes to finding solutions and decision-making. Overall, emerald promotes patience which is perfect for Geminis who find themselves making a hard decision.