If you have ever had a beloved pet, you know that your relationship is more than just the basics of taking care of another creature’s physical needs. It’s not uncommon for people to have deep spiritual connections with their furry companions.

Pets uphold an abundance of spiritual qualities, like unconditional love, gratitude and happiness. By acknowledging your energy and how you connect with your pet, there are ways to strengthen the spiritual connection between you.

For starters, spend a few minutes each day listing the things you most appreciate about your pet. Fill your heart with warmth and love. If possible, have your pet by your side so you can share the positive energy.

Even if your pet is no longer on earth with you, take solace in the fact that they are still with you in spirit.

Your animal is a mirror of you in mind, body and spirit. By taking the time to harness our spiritual bond, we can strengthen the connection we have with our pets.

Developing this deep spiritual connection allows you to be more in-tune with any pain or distress in your pet’s life. They can’t speak to you verbally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate through mutual energy.

There is no limit to the healing power of pets. Oftentimes, it is mutual healing. By being more aware of your pets and the positive energy they radiate, you can expand your own spirituality and happiness.

For example, judgmental thoughts can suppress positive energy. Pets don’t see the world in the same way we do. They have a simpler approach that focuses on being present in the moment and content with self and surroundings. Harness their energy and learn from their perspectives.

Similar to humans, a pet’s spiritual needs are equally as important as their physical needs. As an owner, you should take responsibility for ensuring the happiness and spiritual balance of your companion.

If you are spiritually lost yourself, you might consider finding a pet to help you on your spiritual journey. A dog requires more commitment than a fish, but they can all take up an equally important spot in your heart, helping you find spiritual peace.

Before looking for a pet, spend some time acknowledging yourself. Being in tune with your own energy will help draw you toward an animal who can complement that energy.

The relationship with your pet is as important as any other relationship in your life. Take the time to develop that relationship and stay spiritually connected as the years pass on.