As previously addressed, October is a month of balance. In addition to the balance of “doing” and “being” it is also important to focus on balance between the heart and the mind. We are aware that our minds do not want to give up the driver seat. But entering the phase of the mind where we “don’t know” for a brief period of time is actually not a bad thing. Entering the “don’t know” phase is similar to driving in the fog. You can’t always see where you’re going but you trust that you won’t fall off the road. We know we’ll be able to see soon.

A main cause of imbalance usually has to do with worrying. We worry about all sorts of things. We worry about our futures. We worry about things that haven’t happened yet. We worry about things that may happen. We worry that certain things won’t happen. Unfortunately the act of worry takes up a great deal of energy and falls in the “doing” category.

A great way to handle worry is to bring all the mental energy to the present. Focus on what is going on in this current moment. Experience what you are currently experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally.

The goal of October is to focus on our balance. Focusing on our balance may bring to light an awareness that can enhance the level of our satisfaction. You will find your life open up in new ways. The following is a list of possible shifts of balance that might be necessary in your life:

  • Time for ourselves vs. time for others
  • Love and attention – too much or too little
  • Spiritual life vs. external responsibilities
  • Work vs. rest
  • Energy levels, motivation, inspiration
  • Physical and mental clutter
  • Adventure and new experiences, too many or not enough
  • Relationships and connections vs. alone time
  • Heart vs. mind
  • Acceptance vs. persevering towards change
  • Past lessons and experiences vs. future desires and intentions
  • Being vs. doing.

Take a few days to focus on the balance elements of your life. Try to truly receive what’s out there and see if you are able to reduce your own stress. Focus on remaining present and receptive. Allow yourself to flow from one moment to the next.