Welcome to the amazing healing power of crystals. Crystals are known for their intrinsic power to heal and contribute to spiritual awakening. But for many that are new to the realm of crystal spirituality, where you start? What are the benefits of quartz compared to amethyst? Are bigger, shinier stones better?

From the dawn of ancient civilization to modern society, crystals have been considered sacred and powerful. They have been used since the dawn of ancient civilization, whether for mysticism, jewelry, or currency.  Their first recorded use by Ancient Sumerians for its proposed magical effects.

Crystal healing can help anyone.  Crystals work by harnessing energy, which is the essence of the human body.  There are hundreds of crystals, in all different shapes, sizes, weights, and colors, and each vibrates to its own unique energy.

When you pick up a crystal, the energy of the crystal picks up to rhythm of your own energy. This amplifies the vibrational frequency in your human body as the crystal works to maintain your body’s mental, physical, and spiritual status.


In working with crystals, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. It’s exciting but understandably daunting.


I hope to clarify this information to get you started on the path toward ultimate crystal spirituality.


First, let’s look at some popular crystal varieties and their purpose.


Psychic Readings by Ronn Amethyst


Amethyst: This purple gem wards off subconscious negative energy by opening the mind and replenishing relaxation.



Psychic Readings by Ronn Citrine


Citrine: This crystal’s mirrored surface ricochets the negative energy of whoever you meet in your path. It also boosts self-esteem and attracts abundance.



Psychic Reading by Ronn Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz: Quartz aids in personal ambition and protection against harm.


Psychic Reading by Ronn Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz: Not only is this a beautiful crystal, it enhances passionate self-care.



Psychic Reading by Ronn Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black onyx: Absorbs all negative energy, also protects and provide support


You have your crystals. Now what?

First, cleanse your stones for personal spiritually by running them under cold water and setting them in the sun for a day or two.  It’s advisable to find a spot outside your house that brings you pleasure; a spot that you often find your gaze resting on in order to maintain a sense of peace and balance. This attitude will help cleanse your crystals.


Use them in the way that best suits the energy of both your crystal and yourself.

  • Keep amethyst and rose quartz in your pocket. Fondle it when you need a moment of self-love.
  • Another good location for amethyst is underneath your pillow. It aids in restful sleep and wards of bad dreams.
  • Keep citrine in your wallet to attract accumulation of wealth and ward off negative energy.
  • Place black onyx by your front door to protect your home.