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While we highlighted the unique, free-spirited nature of Air signs last month, now we turn to their opposite: the Earth signs. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo make up the Earth signs, and though each sign possesses unique traits, they are connected through some shared features and values.


Grounded & Stable

As the title might suggest, Earth signs are generally grounded, stable, and level-headed individuals. Individuals who are Earth signs tend to prioritize safety and security over thrill, so they are often opposed to risky, impulsive behavior. That is not to say that Earth signs cannot be spontaneous, just that they prefer to be more cautious in order to avoid unnecessary danger and harm.

In most everything, Earth signs can be counted on to provide a logical, reasonable, and objective perspective. It is a simple task for most Earth signs to disregard subjective input and provide a clear view of a situation; the perspective of an Earth sign is incredibly valuable, especially in conflict.



Above all other signs, Earth signs possess a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Regardless of their careers or passions, dedication is a defining trait for most Earth signs. You can usually count on an Earth sign to be a hard-worker. When it comes to all kinds of relationships, Earth signs are reliable and consistent, always willing to be there when it matters most.



As with being grounded, Earth signs also embody the often-immovable nature of earth. Though stubbornness may be considered a negative trait, for Earth signs, it reflects on how dedicated they are to their core values and priorities. Earth signs are generally unwavering when it comes to what they believe in and want to achieve. They may be wary of change and resist compromise at times, but Earth signs often just want to follow their hearts and choose the best path for themselves.



Though Earth signs tend to appear stoic, stable, and even passive, they are also keen on the pleasures found in life. From delicious food and fine wine to luxurious amenities, Earth signs are often motivated by the finer things in life. It is rare for an Earth sign to slip into absolute materialism given their level-headed dispositions, but they must temper their desires at times to keep themselves grounded in reality.