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Most of us are familiar with the twelve zodiac signs—or, at the very least, we know our own. There are many features of the signs that pertain to personality, behaviors, relationships, and more. The elemental aspect of the zodiac signs are intriguing, but many individuals may not know or understand what the four elements have to do with their zodiac sign.

The air signs consist of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While these signs occur at different points throughout the year, the air sign ties them together.

Intelligent, Rational, Insightful

A common trait among Air signs is a natural intelligence as well as an inclination toward logical reasoning. In some circles, Air signs are considered to be distant or detached, and while they generally can separate themselves from their emotions in order to make decisions or judgements, that does not mean they are unfeeling.

Introversion is also common among Air signs, as they are more inclined to be introspective and self-satisfied.

Free-Spirited & Philosophical

Air signs tend to follow their hearts and hate to be under anyone else’s thumb. They consider broad, intellectual topics in pursuit of their goals and purpose rather than seeking the opinions of others.

Natural Communicators

Perhaps because air is essential for verbal communication, Air signs are known to be natural communicators. This presents in different ways for each of the signs, but generally speaking, Air signs are open-minded, charismatic, and easygoing, making them excellent conversationalists. Communication styles across the Air signs may vary, however.


In communication, Geminis are keen on noticing small details, and they are very proficient in individual conversations, excelling at one-on-one communication. Geminis are likely to earn the title of “social butterfly” because they are so adept at connecting with others regardless of differences.


One of the most prominent driving forces for Libras is the desire for peace and harmony. As communicators, Libras often adopt a diplomatic role, seeking all sides of a story, and they devote their energy to making fair, informed decisions.


A skillful connector, Aquarians are skilled at bringing people together. As individuals, they are bold and unique, and they do not mind standing out; in that regard, Aquarians are comfortable in the spotlight and are natural leaders who are great at uniting others.