Freedom is a race car driving across the highway, truth is the engine, and you are the driver. You have the power to unleash the rage and riveting vibrance of freedom.

Because December encourages transience – from holiday ritual to seasonal fluctuations – to the embrace of the new Year – our values and our dreams must embrace a sense of honesty to find true liberation.

When you release an old collection of provided your energy for a lengthy time (this past year, or maybe your adolescence), you have gotten stuck in some messy mind games with yourself. By untangling a web of mind games, you can finally unravel the things that are restricting your from achieving your best self.

Take a walk in nature. Take time to calm your mind and ease excessive stimulation. Allow yourself to relax but be mindful not to indulge in sadness or self-pity. Part of transitioning to your freest self is learning to find comfort and content with others.


I’ve explained the impact of this month for each sign:


With Mercury going into Retrograde on the 19th, you’ll be moving forward in the beginning. Start your reflection process now as you process and ponder and release and reconnect. The New Moon energy will get you connected to the future ahead of schedule.

The Sun appears from the 21st onward, launching a cycle where you ought to seek personal or physical connection. The New Moon on the 29th can help with advancing things to the next level, so don’t be afraid to take the lead in scary new territories.


Enter December with as much momentum as possible. With Mercury in Retrograde, you may encounter complications in relationships. Try to finish your Christmas shopping beforehand!

Things are getting interesting for you, Cancer.  The Full Moon you will see a major change brewing behind the scenes. You will start to play a role in a story you’ve been trying to reinvent for yourself since 2011 and this does expire until early 2019.


If you need to make any important business meetings avoid the middle of the month because of Mercury’s interruption with the theme of relationship, organizing, and paperwork. Do it now or wait until the end of the month.


Have you been feeling extroverted lately? Mars is settling into your relationship sphere on the 19th, and it is now a place that will now heat things up big time with all acquantices; platonic and romantic partners alike.


Communication is your charm so things will grow and accelerate meeting your energy with momentum; you can anticipate progress,reverse, and then launching into new opportunities.


Expect to focus on more household matters this month with the entry of the Sun. The New Moon infects you with a  cosmic charge into next year with opportunity and excitement.


Avoid your impulsive ways and be mindful of holiday purchases in the middle of the month. Mars is going to heat things up with family and friends so be wary of that.


As Mercury enters your sign you may anticipate the emotions of are going back and forth a lot about what you desire. Venus also enters your sign this month bringing you luck in love.


Get busy with the New Moon funneling you into new experiences or next chapters  Continue seeking awakening  experiences and making choices that free you as we experience this month of freedom and truth.


With Retrograde causing disarray you will feel disorganized. Focus on friends and social media before heading into new ventures.


Embrace truth. Truth will free you as we turn into the new year.


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