Meditation is a practice that requires passionate concentration and dedication.

You have to let go of the thoughts that cycle through your mind and cause you stress.  Our thoughts weigh us down as reminders of our daily anxieties.

How can we be cleansed of these thoughts and find peace in our meditation?

When you’re feeling unfulfilled and losing site of purpose, mantras are a centuries-old tool to reclaim focus.

A mantra is a cluster of words used to achieve some type of meditative effect; some are highly mathematically sacred codes calculated to achieve the highest spiritual power, others a purely personal jumble of words.

Mantras transform you simply through uttering them over and over again, encrypted with your own connection to the words. Slowly, repeating the mantra helps you negate the cycle of toxic thoughts repeating in your head.

There are many ancient mantras from the Hindu tradition.  Many of them have been reinterpreted into modern language.

Here is a mantra to incorporate into your practice this month:

“I give myself permission to change my mind as my purpose changes.”

Why is this an important mantra?

You may be grasping onto an older version of your purpose.  With such a tight grasp, you cannot see that it is already fulfilled. These words are especially wise as we head toward the new year.  Accepting a new purpose will open your mind to a whole world of exciting opportunities with the arrival of the new year

How can you use this mantra in your daily life?

Be intentional as soon as you rise every morning.  Before you check any of your digital devices in the morning, take time to check in with yourself. Taking a deep breath in. Continue your breathing and repeat the mantra until you feel at peace.  Set your purpose for the day.