Numbers can be found all around us. At least, that is what has been written and has been observed within the practice of Numerology.


You may have heard of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras; he is credited to have modernized the theories within numerology.  Pythagoras used methods of divination to show that all objects and actions can be represented through numbers corresponding with vibrations of the universe.


“The world is built upon the power of numbers.”Pythagoras


This statement helped to spawn the exploration of mathematical equations in time and space, which then grew to become the principles of numerology.


Numbers have meanings.

If you’re a musician, you can thank Pythagoras for the intervals you use within a musical scale to create music. You can also credit Pythagoras with assigning meaning to groupings of numbers.


For instance, in many Greek stories, the number “888” symbolizes the higher mind, or a higher being. It is theorized that this thinking also gave way to the numbers “666” representing the devil, or evil.


Unknown power can scare those in charge.

At this time in history, the Greeks went on to view numbers as powerful properties. Mathematically solvable concepts were publicly accepted as they were considered to be more practical and based upon provable fact. The Roman Empire, however, was not pleased with the power that numerology was gaining.


A prominent figure at the time, St. Augustine of Hippo is quoted as writing, “numbers are the universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” Numerology was soon banned by the state Church, joined other banned practices such as astrology and magic.


While Pythagoras is credited with developing numerology and its theories, it is also believed that the use of numerical data was found as early as the time of the Babylonians. Other research has suggested that numerology was also practiced in China, Japan, and Egypt even before it was ever practiced widely in Greece.


The definitive origin of numerology has still not been discovered.


Perhaps, with the help of the numbers around us, we can one day come to understand the real origins and full ancient history of the powerfully mysterious practice of numerology.



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