What is ethereal?

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Ethereal means, delicate, graceful and heavenly in a way that seems far too perfect for our world. Therefore, it belongs to the sky or the celestial sphere due to its spiritual effect.

Peaceful. Divine. Harmonious.

That is ethereal. But the ethereal also serves as a connection. The graceful divinity of the heavenly bodies connects us to the astral plane.

The astral realm is a sphere with access to seven dimensions. The human dimension is the fifth. All celestial entities exist on the astral plane. The astral plane is populated by a complex labyrinth of mysteries, both human and celestial, that merge to project the image of what we have transformed into our present existence.

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As humans, our soul is deeply connected to our existence on earth. The soul is necessary because without it we would not be anchored to a realm. Our body is not our anchor – our soul’s connection to heavenly bodies anchor us to the forces of the astral plane. We are far more connected to the other realms when we transcend the limits of our physical bodies.

The astral plane is the plane of existence where the mental plane (under human forces) are affected with emotion. The astral plane exists without your physical body, but your body contains your heavenly soul. This soul does not normally leave your body until death.  Without guidance, the mental body rarely exists the physical core. Your physical body is adequately composed of and explained by material sciences.

So what about the ethereal?

Supernatural powers resonate in the human mind through interactive communication via ethereal vehicles.This gives mental bodies an auxiliary to universal, multidimensional power reservoir.  Accessing the ethereal is a conscious choice by the individual.

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This communication involves a wide array of psychic abilities. For some, it takes guidance and diligent focus to develop a connection to the ethereal.

Any physical body can find the ethereal in their own life. Tiny shift in the electromagnetic shift will react as tiny shifts in you as well. Let the angelic realm guide you and guard you from harm. Find harmony in the delicate moments you don’t understand – these are moments of ethereal communication.


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