Finding the right gemstone for you can be a process but will be rewarding.

Last week we talked about how many people believe there is untapped energy in gemstones.  Today let’s talk about some of the specifics of choosing the right stone for you.

Some may ask, ‘But where do I start in finding the stone that is right for me?’ There are many ways for the right stone to find you. Here are some suggestions on helping the healing energies find you.

  1. Find out what is truly ailing you, or what you need help with. Are you anxious? Need to tap into your creative side? Need to become more grounded? Once you align with what energies you need, you can look up the stones that will help channel those to you.
  1. Visit a store that has stones (often organized by color and the chakras that enhance them, as opposed to alphabetical order) and wander around the table. Carry your hand over the stones. See which ones catch you eye – chances are you will feel the ones that will help you – your body’s energy will know. Once you identify which are calling to you, look up which they are and see if they suit what you are feeling.
  1. Reach out to a specialist and tell them what energies you are seeking, and they can help you choose a stone and potential powerful stone combinations. Many stores will have specialists in house to help you, free of charge. They want you to connect with your stone just as much as you do!

Until next time, feel the power the world has to give.