When did you first discover your Zodiac sign? Did you finally feel a sense of community and empowerment? “You’re a Pisces.” Intuitive, emotional, fleeting – “that’s me!” You feel.  The zodiac is an ancient technique not only for symbolizing personality types that work in synchronicity in the world, but it is how time itself works together. The Zodiac signs are powerful symbols that symbolize your own cosmic connection to the universe. They breed essence to reality. They enforce all material manifestation.

How did this all begin? What is the origin of the Zodiac?

The very first reference to the zodiac is cited to begin with the Babylonians. These were supremely spiritual people. However, research has shifted. We now know that the civilization of modern-day Armenia was one of the communities who first conceptualized time as we know it. The discovery of an observatory in Metsamor, Armenia points to the visualization of the year in twelve unique parts. These twelve parts were connected to spacial elements. Thus the Zodiac. The Zodiac is so powerful is has emerged in interpretations through almost every ancient civilization; Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern. These symbols are heavy with cosmic energy.

The Babylonians created the Zodiac as we know it today. The stars seen by the inhabitants from the southernmost part of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) in the early 1st millennia BC is consistent with original Zodiac relics.

Astrological symbols are  analyzed dependent on their movement in time and in space. How are they connected to our spirits?

First, we must understand Aries. This is the first impulse of life, or the newborn after having fully recharged itself from its sleep. Aries equates uncontrollable energy ready to unleash itself in the unfinished world of Chaos and matter (Taurus). It confronts the Energy of Taurus and it learns about the world. Learning is Gemini. Aries also remembers. This is Cancer. Leo becomes Aries ego, or individualized persona. Pisces is the final stage – Rest. This is just a handful of the signs and what the represent in the cycle. Look up into the stars and find yourself. You are a unique spirit, but you work in connection with all the other spirits in the cosmos.