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Fear. Jealousy. Anxiety. Disappointment.

These are just a handful of the emotions that come out of the habit of comparing yourself to other people.

If you’re like most people, you wake up, get dressed, and then leave your house and find yourself comparing your looks and style to those around you. We’re all guilty of it. It’s human nature. As you go about your normal day, how often are you quietly anticipating approval from others? Whether in the form of sincere compliments or signals such as body language or feelings of superiority, most people fall into a habit of comparing themselves to others for validation.

We’re all guilty of this practice. But what if it you could end it?
Learn to LOVE yourself. You are a special being in this spectacular planet. Love yourself for you.
You control your perspective. You are the only one with the power to dictate your future and identity. Therefore, you are the only one to envision yourself and the subsequent decisions you make. The people you meet are here to support and contribute to your ability to thrive.
Self-validation requires more than just isolating meditation.  It is important to converse with yourself and say, “You are good enough. But you must splice your youth ego self and your developed ego. The wise elder and growing adolescent have contrary goals, and you listen to their opinions. So are you more willing to believe the opinion of the teenager or the elder?
Finesse your inner voices you will be able to concentrate on your external presentation.
Self-validation does not mean giving up on the people around you. What it does mean is you ought to be there for yourself; first in line. Advice from others can only benefit you when you see the reflections of positive thoughts already in yourself.  Take time to address the needs that will make you feel healthier and balanced, not what you think will you give a competitive edge against others.
When you fail to fully respect yourself, others will do the same. But when you take the time to love yourself, you invite others to love you back.’
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