We all crave to feel more comfortable in our skin. We read self-help books and exercise and search for answers at every turn to find that feeling of wholeness. While the items listed above mark great places to start, the answers are really inside of us at all times.


Where To Turn

Many have explored this deep, inward reflection and have turned to practices found within Buddhist and Hindu religions which require you to recognize your chakras. There are 7 types of chakras inside all of us. Where you need to start, however, is with your root chakra; also known as Muladhara.


Molding The Muladhara

The Muladhara – the root chakra – is the first chakra in the series of 7. By taking care of our root chakra, we will feel security, a sense of being grounded, and will feel a foundational support for living our lives mentally and physically. The root chakra is where you ask your most fragile questions surrounding survival, health, and safety.


When the first chakra is imbalanced, your body may experience the following:







Restoring your chakra will give you control over your health, wellness and happiness, all by learning how to work with energy.


Finding Peace Within Yourself

The best way to speak to your chakra and nurture it’s power is to meditate. As the root chakra is located near the pelvis and bottom of your spine, you will want visualize your energy towards this area. Visualization of feeling grounded, connected with the earth, and steadying your core is crucial to fixing the disturbance.


An exercise from MindBodyGreen.com gives a great example of how to visualize and meditate through this process:

“Come into your meditation seat in sukhasana or whatever pose allows you to lengthen your spine comfortably. Close the eyes and rest the hands, palms down, on the lap. Inhale, visualize drawing your breath into the base of your spine at your root. Allow the breath to travel up the spine to the space between the brows. Exhale, send the breath back down to the root and visualize it binding you down, even via roots growing into the Earth.”


To learn more about the root chakra and how to regain control over the balances within your body, stay tuned to my blog for more.

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