Are you a practicing yogi looking to find the next great health adventure? It’s easy to fall into our day to day routines, so discovering new trends to awaken our minds and bodies is key to leading a fulfilled life.


We all know the benefits of yoga: it’s an excellent stress reliever, it helps us achieve mental clarity. It’s also great at regulating our breath.


Taking yoga to the next level might be easier than you think. We’ve all seen the trending  himalayan salt lamps, but did you know that salt room therapy can be a great way to relax and recharge?

Halotherapy 101


Salt therapy revolves around breathing in salt vapors within the air to improve bodily functions. It’s no surprise that with such powerful and pleasant benefits that these two practices have crossed paths to create a new therapy for mental and physical cleansing, called Halotherapy.


Originally popular in Europe, Halotherapy has made its way across the pond, creating a demand for salt caves all across The United States. The rise of salt caves and rumors of their extraordinary benefits have intrigued many, especially those who are seeking physical enlightenment.


Combining the powerful practices within various types of yoga with the environment of a salt cave can have surreal benefits.


I’ve illustrated a few of those benefits below. The theory behind the combination of these cleansing activities is to feed the benefits of one off of the other, creating a cycle of enlightenment that can leave the body feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and strong.


By entering a this space and breathing in the salt atmosphere, the deep breathing and concentration required for yoga can reach it’s maximum results.


The calming, soothing, and buzzing energy that cultivates within a salt cave is a near perfect environment for yoga, as is explained in this article by Yoga Basics.


Benefits of Yoga


Gimmicks all over the world will over promise health benefits, however, halotherapy has strongly proven not to be one of them.


Long standing Yogi’s and newcomers alike have experienced the release of cold symptoms immediately at the start of a session. Others have attributed deeper and more regulated breathing, with the expansion of the diaphragm and lungs.


If you are looking for a new exercise that will allow you to meditate, rid your body of harmful toxins, and open your lungs and sinuses for better breathing techniques, halotherapy will fulfill your needs. Any practice that combines concentration, healing, and enlightenment on a spiritual and physical level is sure to be beneficial in at least a small capacity.


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