In my last post, I spoke about the power of ancient energy. The courage to get in touch with the spirit of our earthly world is something that can often make us feel distanced from the perks of modern society.

This is what I like to call modern mysticism. We are starting to leave mainstream religion. However, the purpose for us shedding off archaic religious beliefs are not due to atheism. Rather, it symbolizes the need for deeper spiritual satisfaction. We seek an authentic connection with stories and mythology that religion seem to present us. The authentic experience, the divine moment, the unquenchable epiphany.

Mystics of the past have also seeked this experience. They have crossed a liminal boundary, between man and god. Modern mysticism encourages this adventure for everyone. Everyone has the power to understand their spiritual forces.

We crave enchantment. We crave to understand the darkness and lightness of the world. I encourage everyone to dive into a metaphysical journey. Metaphysical means “above” the physical. Any spiritual belief is metaphysical to the degree that faith, not physical evidence, is required to sustain its reality.  Metaphysical spirituality attempts to investigate and analyze the parameters of life; spiritually and physically.

When we clarify aspects of metaphysics, we can begin to classify and control key elements of psychic and spiritual power. Psychics get their talents from metaphysical entities. In fact, everyone is psychic to one degree or another. But some people are more attuned and aware of  unseen energies. 

This intuition and “gut feeling” can be harnessed.  With metaphysics, there are no real rules. There is simply emotion and carnal direction. What do you experience? What do you believe? Take some time to feel connected with the world and all of its combined senses. You are part of a deeply intertwined system that is not necessarily composed of biology and history. There are factors we cannot always understand. This is beautiful. Metaphysics is poetry. Everyone has the wonderful innate ability to get in touch with metaphysical elements; to call upon and even speak with ancient energies. Whatever spirituality you reach for, you can start whenever, wherever you want.