A time for renewal, mystery, and wonder. The season that brightens us with its UV rays on the beach, radio hits blasting through the stereo, fresh watermelon by the pool, and merriment of youngsters. There is a deeply rooted passion for the change of seasons every June 21, that brings us together as a society.  The solstice brings the longest day and shortest night of the year. The Sun immediately begins to wane and the journey into the harvest season starts!

What is the etymology of “Solstice”? The word is from two Latin words: “sol” sun, and “sistere,” stand still. As summer approaches,  the midday sun rises higher loftier in the sky on each successive day. It rises the highest peak on the solstice, thus, standing still.

The summer solstice heralds feelings of passion, generosity, and creativity. Summer brings people together. Mark your calendar for the solstice!

Plus, check out some of these awesome solstice celebrations.

Midsummer’s Eve

If you are a literary fiend, then you know Midsummer from the title of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Midsummer is an ancient tradition, stemming from Northern Europe. Back in the day, when the sun was turning southward evil spirits were thought to roam freely; so huge bonfires were lit to protect villages. Witches were also thought to be on their way to meetings with other powerful entities. On Midsummer’s Eve you could find beautiful and potent flowers and herbs, namely St John’s wort, burdock, nettle, and thorn, hung on entryways for protection. Fennel and orpine and birch branches are also used. Royal Fern seeds are said to make the possessor invisible, and those who found the blossoms on this special night might just become wealthy and lucky in the coming season.

Midsummer is the time to respect our deeply powerful passions. Summer is a time for inner will. Our strength and true love become dynamic to the gentle system of human relationships. Sun and fire, moon and stars, ride together in the great energies of light. The Spirit we seek reflect upon the softening Lunar journey, appreciated best on Midsummer’s eve.