At this time of year, we start thinking about the future and forgiveness. The new year often brings new energy. In 2017, the planetary energies have been encouraging a new direction. You must be willing to adjust your perspective and simply let go. High emotion ruled 2016 with political upheaval, leading to some difficult adjustments for all. The planetary aspects for the end of 2017 have been far different than they were for the end of 2016.


To bring us into the new year, let’s reflect with our zodiac signs on things to come at the end of 2017 and moving into 2018.


Aries will be called upon by destiny, karma, and fate to mix things up. You will have a stronger voice, relationships will be important, and you will face several big decisions.


Taurus will be extremely busy both with home projects and with work related projects. This will require you to prepare for some balancing. All of this hustle will lead to important turning points regarding your family and career.


Gemini will have a lot more support through the end of the year than they have been feeling previously. Saturn will push you to discover your capabilities, and this will open up more opportunities. If you plan and focus well, you too will see positive changes to your career.


Cancer will be pushed to make big changes in 2018. While this can be daunting, you will be happy to embrace something new. You will see career developments in the making, and any changes you make will bring you fruitful success towards the year’s end.


Leo will have two eclipses within their sign, delivering important beginnings and endings. The sky’s the limit with big decisions, changes, goals, and the potential for success in the new year.


Virgo will gain courage this December, and must use all their new confidence to their advantage. This confidence can work to your advantage in both your personal and professional life. Don’t be afraid to go out and gain what you seek.


Libra will desire a change and will subsequently be influenced by Jupiter’s luck. This happens only once every twelve years, so take advantage of all opportunities that come your way. Be weary: these opportunities will offer an unusual, new twist to your life.


Scorpio will see great change in the new year. You should feel encouraged to use the first part of the year to plant your seeds and refine your plans, be it in business or in your personal life. Just like Libra, lucky Jupiter will emerge later in the year and you can harvest your crop.


Sagittarius will see their focus and hard work pay off, with a significant opportunity coming to you in November. You will see developments in both your family’s life and in your own home; any restructuring done to adjust to these developments will prove to be useful.


Capricorn needs to make major changes because as you will crave seeking a new direction in life. The growing energy surrounding your life will push you to mix things up. It’s okay to be a bit rebellious and break a few rules; the lights will shine down on you.


Aquarius will find the key to successful relationships, and the differences you have with your partner and loved ones will be showcased. In the coming year, you must say some goodbyes in order to embrace something new. Lucky Jupiter will work for you as well, particularly in September.


Pisces will be met with some major twists and turns in 2018. You’re encouraged to plant seeds to prosper, because they will pay off late in the year. Do not let your emotions interrupt your focus. When Jupiter moves into Scorpio, you will be able to take control of your opportunities.


No matter your sign or spirit, great change with exciting opportunities are to come in 2018 for all. As you take this time to reflect and prepare for the new year, be sure to embrace all of the positive gifts that have come to you in 2017.


We’ll see you in the new year!

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